Tagnos offers the leading clinical logistics automation solution for hospitals and clinics. Our SaaS platform analyzes data from clinical systems, including EHR, CPOE, LIS, RIS, and ADT systems, along with RTLS tracking devices, to facilitate patient flow through the hospital. The insights produced by our AI algorithms help healthcare organizations optimize their staff and asset utilization to prevent bottlenecks, reduce wait times and improve throughput, while increasing patient and staff satisfaction. 

Our Vision

The Tagnos systems is designed to drive:

More efficient treatment delivery
Increase in patient satisfaction
Improved staff utilization


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Delivering Technology

Our team of healthcare veterans, technology experts and human experience experts work hand-in-hand with our clients to revolutionize the way their healthcare is delivered.

We are a team committed to working with healthcare organizations to simplify the hospital-patient experience. By utilizing the best new technology developments and focusing on truly meeting the needs of patients and healthcare organizations alike, we have created something revolutionary.

We are passionate about helping to deliver a better human experience for the patient and healthcare staff. Today we deliver this through our unique combination of real-time location tracking and workflow and data insights – providing hospital departments with real economic benefits while improving the satisfaction of patients and their families.

Understanding Challenges

We understand the challenges healthcare organizations are facing, and recognize that there are significant opportunities for those willing to take advantage of new technologies to successfully navigate the new landscape of healthcare reform.

We think healthcare organizations are facing unnecessary costs and revenue loss due to unseen inefficiencies and not taking control of the changing reimbursement model driven by HITECH and Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation.

For example, new legislation is increasingly shifting Medicare to payment based on episodes of care (BPCI) and quality of care (MACRA). New rules also require hospitals to measure patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) to enable objective and meaningful comparisons between hospitals.