Cut the costs of misplaced equipment

Misplaced medical equipment is a huge expense for healthcare organizations. Caregivers waste up to 20% of their day looking for assets they need for patient care—whether it’s a stretcher left in the wrong hall or a blood pressure cuff missing from the supply closet. Worse, when equipment is lost, you may find yourself purchasing or renting costly assets you don’t need. Tagnos Asset Optimization improves staff productivity and eliminates unnecessary expenditures. By giving staff continuous visibility into the location and usage for all medical equipment across your facility, it allows you to manage assets more effectively and proactively. Gather the right assets in the right place at the right time Eliminate situations where clinicians wait around for equipment to perform a procedure. Tagnos lets you make sure the right assets are always at hand.


Download the Tagnos Asset Tracking Information Kit

Slash outlays for assets
Reduce   costs by 5-8% by making better procurement decisions, avoiding redundant equipment purchases, and gaining better visibility into rental utilization to avoid unnecessary rental costs.

Boost equipment utilization
See patterns related to what equipment is where and for how long. Make adjustments where necessary to get the most from the equipment you already have.

Spend more time delivering care
When staff doesn’t waste time hunting for assets, they have more time to spend with patients. Patients are happier. And staff is less stressed.

Shorten patient wait times
Improve patient satisfaction by minimizing annoying waits while caregivers hunt for equipment.


Give assets an RFID tag with a unique asset number.

Advanced technology can track the location of assets.

Clinicians view asset’ locations on an easy-to-view screen.

Alerts notify staff if assets are low in an area, when asset enter areas they are not supposed to and when assets leave certain areas.

Rich analysis and reporting of workflow, interaction and benchmark data reveal how assets are being utilized.

Choose the best hardware for your application. Because Tagnos is software-only, you can use RFID, WiFi, Rain RFID, Bluetooth and so on to meet your specific needs.


Download the Tagnos Asset Tracking Information Kit