Centralized documentation simplifies regulatory audits.

Improper temperature and humidity levels can spoil environmentally sensitive assets, harm or discomfort patients and jeopardize your reputation. The Tagnos Environmental Monitoring solution ensures that temperatures are comfortable and assets are safe for use when needed. It automatically records temperature and humidity readings for assets using environmental tags installed at desired locations.

Keep environmentally sensitive assets safe
Gain peace of mind that critical assets—blood, vaccines, lab samples, organs, ingredients—are stored at regulation temperature/humidity levels and kept safe and ready for use. Should readings exceed predetermined thresholds, your staff is alerted to make the appropriate adjustments.

Maintain patient comfort
Maintain the optimal temperatures and humidity levels for patients by keeping track of thermostats, bed warmers and more.

Comply with regulatory standards
Equipment used for Tagnos’ Temperature Optimization solution is NIST certified by Centrak. The hardware can be re-calibrated as often as necessary to meet state standards. The system automatically detects emergencies, such as power outages or equipment failures, and alerts you to take appropriate action.


Tags are placed on the wall to automatically monitor and record temperature and ambient humidity for refrigerators, freezers, warmers and so on to ensure levels meet specifications. Hospitals no longer require manual temperature and humidity recording.

Proactively sends alerts   for a range of conditions when readings exceed predetermined thresholds so operators can proactive address the problem.

centralized documentation simplifies regulatory audits .The solution stores up to 96 hours of temperature and humidity log data in the event of a network outage.

Built in motion sensor enables tags to intelligently conserve energy

Use tags to identify equipment struggling to maintain a consistent temp so it can be repaired or replaced. Built-in motion sensors enable tags to intelligently conserve energy while long life batteries minimize maintenance costs. Simplify maintenance by managing configuration centrally and updating firmware and configuration over the air.

Choose the best hardware for your application. Because Tagnos is software-only, you can use RFID, WiFi, Rain RFID, Bluetooth and so on to meet your specific needs.