Ensure Hand Hygiene Compliance

With hand hygiene critical for reducing the spread of infections, hospitals must develop guidelines for hand hygiene and effectively monitor compliance. Historically, hospitals have used manual processes to measure hand hygiene compliance. These periodic audits and studies captured a small portion of potential events with questionable accuracy. Tagnos ensures hand hygiene compliance by recording every time a clinician dispenses disinfectant gel or soap. If the individual enters or exits a patient room without washing their hands, the sensor tag triggers an alert as a reminder in real time.

Improve Patient Safety
Tagnos enables hospitals to improve handwashing compliance and improve patient safety through automatic tracking and real-time reminders..

No Impact on Clinicians
Tagnos does not interfere with workflow or take any time out of a busy healthcare provider’s day; Automatic, electronic monitoring eliminates the need for clinicians to do anything to record compliance.

Accurately Measure Compliance
Hospitals now gain a true measure of compliance rates. The system reports exactly when clinicians enter a patient room and the total number of dispenser interactions.


Give patients and staff an RFID tag. Safe radio frequency sensors, placed through the facility, automatically track (hands free) the patient’s location every three seconds. At discharge, the patient tag is dropped in a discharge drop box and the system is updated automatically. Staff tag is attached to employee badge.

Advanced technology tracks when staff approaches patient and recognizes when hand washing is necessary

Review the hand washing metrics including top performing employees and departments.

Alerts notify staff when hand washing metrics fall below threshold.

Rich analysis and reporting of workflow, interaction and benchmark data reveal patterns of non compliance which can then be addressed.

Choose the best hardware for your application. Because Tagnos is software-only, you can use RFID, WiFi, Rain RFID, Bluetooth and so on to meet your specific needs.