Keep patients moving to reduce wait times and improve capacity

What you don’t measure, you can’t manage. Yet healthcare organizations often have no idea how long patients spend at each step between admission and discharge. Staff have little accountability, or ability, to take steps to decrease wait times. The Tagnos Patient Flow solution tracks patients in real time throughout their stay so you can streamline patient flows in the ED, OR, Radiology and Cathlab.


Download the Tagnos Patient Flow Information Kit

Improve patient satisfaction
Patients are happier when they spend more time with caregivers and less time waiting. Tagnos lets you track performance against benchmarks and make adjustments to drive greater efficiency.

Optimize patient-to-staff ratios
Having the right number of nurses on the floor is essential to patient care. Tagnos Patient Flow Optimization ensures you have the best patient to staff ratio by allowing you to analyze patient patterns to determine staffing requirements over time.

Increase utilization of OR, ED, Radiology and Cathlab
When patients proceed through the steps from admission to discharge without bottlenecks, you can turnover rooms and other resources faster, increasing capacity.

Streamline patient flows
Make better use of time by having better insight into where patients are, automatic notifications when wait times become too long, and better communication with other departments.

Perform more procedures
When patient flow is more efficient, your facility is able to improve its rate of on-time starts for surgery and can therefore handle more procedures and boost revenues.


Give patients an RFID tag with a unique patient number at the outset of their treatment. Safe radio frequency sensors, placed through the facility, automatically track (hands free) the patient’s location every three seconds. At discharge, the patient tag is dropped in a discharge drop box and the system is updated automatically.

Staff designates customizable patient milestones in the system to identify and keep on top of the stages of diagnosis and treatment.

Advanced technology follows the patient as he or she proceeds through the protocol, pinpointing the patient’s precise location within a room.

Clinicians view patients’ locations on an easy-to-view screen.

Alerts notify staff if wait times for a milestone are too long.

Rich analysis and reporting of workflow, interaction and benchmark data reveal bottlenecks that cause delays so you can fix them.

Choose the best hardware for your application. Because Tagnos is software-only, you can use RFID, WiFi, Rain RFID, Bluetooth and so on to meet your specific needs.

Interfaces with modules managing various departments, such as OR, labs, radiology, and ED, track patient movement throughout the facility to improve communications between departments.


Download the Tagnos Patient Flow Information Kit