Improve patient care while containing costs

With the changing reimbursement model and rising costs to manage facilities, it is more important than ever to evaluate the efficiency of healthcare organizations. Tagnos systems follows the Lean/Six Sigma approach using critical data that is automatically captured in the Tagnos Workforce Optimization module. When staff is not in the right place at the right time, procedures are delayed and costs mount. Tagnos Workforce Optimization enables you to align staff movements with care delivery steps to more effectively utilize physicians and other staff.

Tie staffing levels to best practices
Tagnos tracks and analyzes the number of patients in the facility and where they’re located over time. Use this data to assign the right number of staff to the right place based on best practices.

Prevent the spread of infectious disease
Have clinicians been exposed to an infectious disease? Prevent its spread by making sure they follow hand washing protocols.

Minimize physician variances
Track how long each physician takes to perform each procedure and compare to peers and best practices. By tying incentives to compliance, you’ll minimize physician variances.

Improve clinician satisfaction
Staff are more satisfied when they spend less time on non-value added tasks and more time delivering care.

More accurate cost accounting
By knowing exactly who is in the OR, without having to estimate, you can achieve more accurate cost accounting.


RFID tags are assigned to staff to determine their location at any given time and help find the nearest caregiver.

The solution documents response time for patient care activities automatically based on location of patients, staff and equipment to track compliance with protocols.

Reports deliver insights into staffing and scheduling so you can make improvements to ensure that the right staff is assigned to the right patient at the right time.

Choose the best hardware for your application. Because Tagnos is software-only, you can use RFID, WiFi, Rain RFID, Bluetooth and so on to meet your specific needs.