Specialty labs constantly take patients coming out of the emergency department, clinics, the operating room and outpatient registration. By allowing you to manage the flow of patients across all of these departments, the Tagnos Solution for Specialty Labs significantly improves the department’s efficiency and patient satisfaction.

Smart Asset Optimization
Improve staff productivity and avoid unnecessary asset rental or purchase costs. With Tagnos Asset Optimization, you can continuously monitor and manage the location of all your mobile medical equipment across your facility to avoid misplacing assets..

Smart Patient Flow Optimization
Tagnos Patient Flow Optimization enables you to benchmark and track patient flow in real time from admission to discharge. Use this data to optimize patient care workflows and decrease patient wait times.

Smart Performance Improvement
Quickly locate and fix bottlenecks by analyzing data about your medical equipment asset utilization, patient flows and wait times, physician and workforce workflows, room utilization, exposure to infectious diseases and more.