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AI – Is this another passing fad

Software like electronics is full of hype and trends. Remember when 3D TVs were going to take over or when everyone had a walkman. Software has its own jargon that comes up periodically and fades away. UML, Aspect oriented programming are just a couple of trends that seemed to be the panacea for all software […]

What can Orchestration Intelligence tools do for your hospital

Every department in a hospital has its own complexities. Most hospital workflows involve patients which makes them a lot more time and emotionally sensitive.  For example: delays in a manufacturing facility would mean a slowdown or a temporary stop in productivity, but there is typically low impact on human emotions.  As nurses, physicians and hospital […]

Artificial Intelligence in Hospitals will start with the mundane

The most popular view of Artificial Intelligence in hospitals is probably the vision of a machine augmenting the physicians and surgeons. However, there are other much more mundane aspects of hospital operations and administration that will likely start using Artificial Intelligence based programs much before the advent of the A.I. physician. Complex problems like predicting […]