Benchmarking and Real-Time Visibility of Patient Flow 

Set benchmarks for key events (e.g., wait times and procedure time) and see real-time alerts when objectives are missed.

Sophisticated Patient Flow Analytics

Track patients down to location within a room in real-time, capture key events in the patient flow set critical benchmarks. Analyze this rich data to gain insights into healthcare efficiency.

“Hands Free” Patient

Patented technology tracks the flow of a patient hands-free without data entry.

Focus on the Patient Experience

Tagnos solutions were built around improving the patient experience and increasing efficiency of the staff and hospital / clinic departments.

Patient and Family Communication

Relay and broadcast HIPAA-sanitized “patient status” information without the need for phone calls.

Room Level

Unlike services that use WiFi or Zigbee tracking technology to provide a “zone” where a patient may be located, Tagnos delivers Gen2IR/RFID that tracks location at the sub-room level, making it far more accurate.


Tagnos uses RFID tags for assets, patients and staff to make smart connections. The system has the intelligence to determine OR readiness by confirming status of needed assets as well as location of assigned staff and patients in the OR and displays the results in a dashboard. Physicians are notified when the procedure is ready to begin.


Tagnos has a simple HL7 interface to existing scheduling systems (ADT, etc.) so Implementation requires few IT resources.

Download the Introduction to Tagnos Information Kit  & Learn How to Improve Workflow Efficiencies


Tagnos offers real-time visibility to patient flow and improves communication with the family - provides a lot of new data and metrics that can be used for performance improvement purposes

- Dr. David Belson, Professor, Industrial & Systems Engineering, USC


Tagnos enables us to make data-driven decisions for asset management and patient flow. Quickly locating specific patient care assets supports our goals for efficient care delivery. Integrating our Tagnos patient location data with our bed management system helps us better manage our patient flow.

- Audrey Parks, Chief Information Officer, Salinas Valley Memoral Health System


Tagnos was able to save us hundreds of thousands through better room utilization

- Randy Saad, Director of PeriOperative Services, White Memorial Medical Centre