The original concept and meaning behind the name TAGNOS was a mash-up between "Tag" and "Knowledge System".

In a world where everyone and everything is connected, imagine losing sight of a loved one for even a few minutes - let alone a few hours. That's what happened when Tagnos' Founder Neeraj Bhavani lost sight of his father when he was admitted to a hospital years back.

His father was on the same floor but had been moved to a different treatment room unbeknownst to anyone. It took nearly two hours to locate him.

Neeraj had already conceived of an idea for an Asset Tracking product stemming from his days at UCLA Anderson School of Management, but in recalling the anxiety he felt during those 2 long hours, he knew there was a better way to gain insight into patients - for both families and care teams.


Today, it is TAGNOS' mission to help assist care teams, ancillary staff and patient's family members by providing a solution that helps optimize staff efforts, gives real-time insight into a patient's progress, enable seamless communication for the care delivery team and provides operational intelligence to simplify, streamline and optimize the functional aspects of care delivery.

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In 2014, TAGNOS deployed their first hospital which provided them with the stepping stones to refine and optimize its solution and obtain funding to scale the business.

Gaining access to a coveted 1 of 8 slots at EvoNexus' exclusive incubator program in Irvine, CA, TAGNOS was able to focus on continued product enhancements and expand beyond its initial hospital site. This caught the eye of IT giant, Cisco, which brought TAGNOS into Silicon Valley circle and provided a launching pad for their first integration - a mobile communication loop that kept everyone apprised of a patient's care status.

In 2018, TAGNOS received their first round of Series A funding - moving them from early-stage company to Series A start-up. Today, TAGNOS is helping hospital communities across the US orchestrate their workflows and drive excellence across all care delivery paths.