Why Clients Love TAGNOS

With TAGNOS, you'll deliver clinical outcomes quickly and safely, while achieving improved operational metrics in parallel.

How Clients Say They've Benefited From TAGNOS

Better for you to hear directly from our clients. They face real problems ensuring that their healthcare facilities are the best that they can be. To solve those problems, they've implemented TAGNOS clinical software solutions and seen real benefits and better outcomes thanks to orchestrated workflows.


Adventist Health



Improving room turnaround times is on the top of every OR Manager’s mind. TAGNOS enabled us to open a valuable communication line between our clinical and ancillary teams, which allowed us to truly orchestrate the workflows surrounding patient throughput and turnaround times. With TAGNOS, we were able to reduce our overall room turnaround time by 9.7%.

Randy Saad, Director of PeriOperative Services White Memorial Medical Center, Adventist Health

Randy Saad, Director of PeriOperative Services, White Memorial Medical Center

Providence St. Joseph Health

We struggled with the same throughput issues most large-volume EDs struggle with. Since the TAGNOS system was taken live at St. Joseph Hospital, we have boosted our room turnover rate. Turnover rates and bottlenecks have been historically difficult to track since there are so many variables that can impact this time.

We've been able to create a baseline for patient care. We can now monitor actual throughput in real-time and analyze the results, then share that data with employees and managers. This has led to cost savings in labor management and the ability to see more patients.

Furthermore, we can see how any delays or
challenges upstream in the care process (in-patient) impact and create delays downstream in the care process (the ED).

Glenn Raup, Executive Director of Emergency Services St. Joseph Hospital

Glenn Raup, Executive Director of Emergency Services, St. Joseph Hospital

USC University of Southern California


TAGNOS offers real-time visibility to patient flow and improves communication with the family - provides a lot of new data and metrics that can be used for performance improvement purposes.

Dr. David Belson, Professor Industrial & Systems Engineering USC

Dr. David Belson, Professor



Here are Their Proven Results

You can deliver similar clinical outcomes quickly and safely, while achieving improved operational metrics.

In the Operation Room

By implementing TAGNOS, you can expect:

  • Improved operational efficiency in the form of reduced length of stay, reduced time to treatment and faster room turnaround.
  • Increased capacity as a result of reduced cycle times and increased room utilization rates.
  • Reduced equipment spend, not only because you're making better use of the equipment you have, but also by reducing lost/stolen equipment.
  • Cost savings in OR cycle time, OR turnover and staff reallocation.

And in the Emergency Department

With ED Orchestration, you can expect to accelerate ED throughput while increasing revenue significantly. St. Joseph Hospital of Orange saw throughput accelerate by one hour and a $625K revenue increase in just six months.

Download the Emergency  Department Case Study


Improved Operational Efficiency

Improved Operational Efficiency

Reducing Equipment Spend

Reducing Equipment Spend

Increased Capacity

Increased Capacity

Cost and Revenue

Cost and Revenue


Craving More Details? Check Out These Client Spotlights

A number of our clients have validated TAGNOS solutions.  Read on to see how you can leverage their experiences at your own healthcare facilities. 


Operating Room


Improving Cycle Times in a 24-Suite O.R.

Using the TAGNOS patient flow solution helped a renowned hospital reduce cycle time by 12.7% and avoid unnecessary costs.

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Cleaning Up Room Turnaround Times


Cleaning Up Room Turnaround Times at Adventist Health White Memorial

Bringing together ancillary and clinical care teams onto an automated communication platform improves O.R. turnaround times by 9.7% and fosters teamwork.

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Managing Chaos in the E.D.

TAGNOS client, Providence St. Joseph Health of Orange, chats with AONL (American Organization of Nursing Leadership) about using real-time data to improve clinical operations in one of the busiest Emergency Departments in Southern California.



Improving Patient Experience 

Technology from the future is here today- watch TAGNOS client, Adventist Health White Memorial, share their experience in using Patient Flow technology to reduce patient wait times and improve communication. 



It's Not Just Our Clients. 3rd Party Analysts Confirm It In These Whitepapers

Third-party analysts have researched and validated the TAGNOS’ patented process mapper. You can read what they discovered and documented in these white papers. Get access to the methodology and insights into tangible outcomes you can leverage into your care setting today.



Better Healthcare Information with TAGNOS


Better Healthcare Information Supports Performance Improvement at Two Hospitals

Effective electronics to track patient movement improves operations as well as patient experience. Recent experiences with patient flow technology have shown significant improvement in wait time, visit cycle time and productivity.

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Improving O.R. Turnaround Times with Automated Alerts and Mobile Communication


Improving O.R. Turnaround Times with Automated Alerts and Mobile Communication

Operating Rooms (ORs) are a hospital’s most costly operational area. When run efficiently it can be a source of solid revenue, but when run inefficiently, it causes operational and fiscal heartburn.

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