TAGNOS Integration with Epic Listing on Epic’s App Orchard

TAGNOS Orchestration solution listed on Epic’s App Orchard 

Guaranteeing data integrity throughout the operational stack

TAGNOS, a developer of workflow orchestration software for hospital operations, today announced that Epic confirmed the TAGNOS Orchestration solution is now listed on the Epic App Orchard and ready for customer consumption. The App Orchard is where developers can learn about Epic’s APIs and list their apps for Epic community members to explore and access.

“With Epic being one the most popular EHRs on the market, we are proud to now enable customers to automatically transmit to Epic the timestamps we capture around patient movements and surgical milestones,” said Sheila Minton, president and chief operating officer of TAGNOS. “Our Epic integration not only reduces manual data entry; it also offers critical benefits: Real-time updates to documentation and absolute data accuracy.”

Over the years, TAGNOS has developed a state-of-the-art orchestration platform designed to improve the efficiency and safety in healthcare organizations and to reduce per capita health care costs. Its modules allow hospitals to optimize operations by reducing time-to-treatment, increasing room and asset utilization and creating predictive models to solve common issues such as slow room turnover, on time starts or inaccurate scheduling, to name just a few. Now, the TAGNOS Integration with Epic Module extends the benefits of the TAGNOS orchestration platform to another key component of the operational stack.

“The Epic vetting process was very thorough and as part of the process they audited patient safety and data safety requirements and procedures. It was a great experience working with a very professional and diligent team,” said Jag Padala, chief technology officer of TAGNOS. “We had two clear goals: performance and ease of use. Today, the ability to tag patients within Epic screens, transfer timestamps of patient movement from TAGNOS to Epic as well as the ability to transfer intra-op milestones such as surgical incision and surgery close times back to Epic which reduces the number of systems that staff have to log into to do their job. In addition to providing efficiency and reliability, this bidirectional integration also delivers on the sometimes-elusive dimension of the ‘Quadruple Aim’, improved working conditions for healthcare personnel.”


TAGNOS is the workflow orchestration solution healthcare teams use to coordinate and communicate around the functional aspects of care delivery. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to support OR and ED patient flow as well as asset and supply management.

TAGNOS is the only company with an AI application that uses machine learning combined with real-time data capturing capabilities to provide a system that continually updates and adjusts its operational intelligence to provide sustained improvement. The TAGNOS system is configurable with custom notification and escalation workflows and flexible communication options including iOS or Android app, SMS or integration with existing mobile platforms.

By transforming raw data into actionable intelligence, TAGNOS helps hospitals and health systems Orchestrate Excellence.

For more information visit www.tagnos.com

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