AI Machine Learning delivers a platform that learns and improves on its own
AI Machine Learning

Constant Improvement

The application of machine learning delivers a system that continually updates and adjusts its operational intelligence based on what's happening in real-time, in combination with your historical records.

It provides your teams with a more accurate view into what, when and how things will happen throughout a specific day.

>> Artificial Intelligence in Hospitals will start with the mundane

>> TAGNOS AI Engine for Health Care

>> Applying ArtificiaI Intelligence in Hospitals: The Origin of TAGNOS AI



Think of TAGNOS as your crystal ball for in-the-moment course correction as you navigate through your chaotic day.  Teams can predict patient census at least four times a day, so staffing levels can be adjusted to meet the demands for the upcoming shift.  It helps limit over-time and flex staffing needs.



Add an additional layer of intelligence to surgical lines - predict case lengths to better calculate start and end times to increase surgery capacity.


Asset Management

Forecast inventory needs to maintain par levels on key equipment, and ensure you have the appropriate resources on hand for upcoming surgeries and incoming patient census

Asset Management
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