We recognize that healthcare operations and logistics lag, in some ways, behind the technology curve. Our goal is to help our clients not only get up to speed, but better understand how technology can help support advanced resource planning while enabling in-the-moment decision-making. This is how we deliver an improved healthcare experience for patients while providing real economic benefits to the hospital.

Being specialists requires a deep understanding of the functional aspects of care delivery and the multifaceted tasks performed by each care team member. Our team strives to better understand the pains and goals of everyone who makes medicine possible.

With TAGNOS, our full-service implementation process will help optimize your workflow processes through our systematic on-boarding process. The TAGNOS field operations and consulting team is comprised of experienced operations, technology and RFID experts. Because we recognize each client is unique, with its own workflows, challenges and opportunities to improve, we work with you to customize the TAGNOS solution to meet your specific needs.

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