Erik Davidson

Chief Customer Officer

Putting customers at the heart of TAGNOS

Serving as Chief Customer Officer, Erik is responsible for keeping customers at the heart of the TAGNOS mission by leading Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Product Strategy initiatives with a customer-centric approach. By leveraging his background in business development, operational leadership, and product strategy, Erik is helping TAGNOS build and deploy customer-focused products designed to make the lives of care providers just a little easier.

Erik has a breadth of entrepreneurial experience that includes being a founder, employee, advisor, and investor in a variety of new ventures.

Erik founded a business that specialized in Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology and location data analytics. In addition to serving as the CEO of the business for seven years, he also served as an inventor and holds two issued utility patents in RTLS technology.

Complimenting his entrepreneurial experience, Erik has also been hired to serve in leadership roles at established businesses ranging from managing functional departments to growing the organization as the CEO.

Within the Internet of Things (IoT) domain, Erik established and led the product management department of a 60+ year old business that specializes in smart wireless products. He led the development and market launch of a complex smart building IoT platform that fielded over 1,000 systems within just three years of initial conceptualization.

Erik holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

Erik is actively involved in his community and serves in part-time public office. He believes that we are stronger together and that we can all help make our communities a little better than we found them.

When he isn’t working, Erik is cherishing time with his loving family, teaching Taekwon-Do, spending time outside, reading, learning, or simply enjoying life.

Erik Davidson Publications

News & Blog

Becker’s Healthcare Podcast – Smart Interoperability and Healthcare Workflow Improvements with Sheila Minton, President & CEO at TAGNOS

Sheila Minton, President and Chief Executive Officer at TAGNOS, recently had the opportunity to be a guest on Becker’s Healthcare Podcast where she discussed Hospital Interoperability.

News & Blog

Improve Operating Room Efficiency; Save $1M

Randy Saad, director of Perioperative Services at Adventist Health White Memorial (AHWM), highlights how TAGNOS helps the medical center to dramatically increase patient satisfaction scores and save nearly $1 million annually.

News & Blog

The Data Analytics Continuum

In this 2-part series, I will be exploring some high-level concepts of the data analytics continuum and how they apply to the operating room. In my second post, I will consider how data analytics can be applied to help OR Directors improve their case on time start performance

News & Blog

Improving Operating Room Cycle Time

TAGNOS’ patient flow solution records, analyzes, and presents information at every point in the care process. It’s used for real-time data capture, timestamp recording, waste identification, and bottleneck detection to aid decision-makers as they prioritize improvements.

News & Blog

St. Joseph Hospital Implements ED Orchestration

St. Joseph Hospital of Orange implemented TAGNOS ED Orchestration Solution to improve ED oversight and patient throughput in the care delivery areas. The implementation only took approximately a month.

Empower Care Providers

We illuminate insights, automate operational tasks, and orchestrate workflows to assist healthcare workers to produce the highest level of patient care.