Jag Padala

Chief Technology Officer

Engineering solutions for a better experience

Throughout a professional career spanning over thirty years, Jag has developed a number of innovative technology solutions for industry-leading companies. With an extensive background in mobile technology and API integration, Jag has found consistent success conceptualizing, delivering, and implementing product solutions for enterprise-level clients.

After receiving his MBA, Jag held executive-level roles for companies such as Motorola and GE where he led supply chain and compliance projects, providing him with the experience needed to eventually develop the robust TAGNOS workflow orchestration architecture. As an entrepreneur, Jag assumed a leadership role at a promising startup, where he gained valuable insights needed to guide TAGNOS’ product development from inception to implementation.

As the current Chief Technology Officer for TAGNOS, Jag delivers end-to-end product solutions needed to elevate the company and exceed customer expectations. For over five years, he has led product development, created AI/ML solutions to help reduce the burden in healthcare, developed integrations with Vocera, Zebra, Redox, Cisco Spark, Microsoft Teams, and created prototype solutions with Amazon Alexa to drive voice recognition innovation to name a few of his many accomplishments.

Always level-headed and easy to work with, Jag attributes his career success to his positive outlook and enthusiastic motivation to bring exciting solutions to market. Jag is a hands-on leader that prioritizes camaraderie and team chemistry, and he never hesitates to work in the trenches with his team. He encourages continuous learning and leads by example by personally undertaking many research projects.

As an avid promoter of outdoor exercise and a healthy lifestyle, Jag often spends his free time hiking with his golden retriever, Thor, traveling and experiencing cultures around the world, and relaxing to a home-cooked vegan dinner.

Jag Padala Publications

Orchestration Solutions

The Internet of Things, Healthcare and Talking to Fridges

Innovation comes in various flavors. Revolutionary, evolutionary and incremental. The connected web has been a revolution that is on par with any other innovation in the history of mankind. When revolutionary change happens it can spur a whole host of evolutionary and incremental changes, including apparently crazy things such as talking to your fridge in a healthcare setting.

Orchestration Solutions

Agility in the World of Software Engineering: Fail Fast & Learn

An important aspect of the DNA of any software engineering organization is agility and the ability to learn, innovate and fail fast. It’s even more important when your clinical software solutions focus on vital healthcare areas such as the OR and the Emergency Department.

Orchestration Solutions

How Wearables Can Inspire Enterprise Application Design

Enterprise applications typically tend to lag behind in the user experience area. The nature of enterprise applications, the technology stack involved and limitations on how they are adopted within larger enterprises have traditionally put a limiting factor on how quickly enterprise applications have been able to evolve.

Orchestration Solutions

Using Voice to Improve Hospital Patient Flow

What if voice technology could smooth out patient flow in your hospital? The benefit would be noteworthy especially given that hospitals throughout the US face an ironic challenge.

Orchestration Solutions

Creating Microservices at TAGNOS

Creating Microservices at TAGNOS
When it comes to implementing clinical software solutions to help orchestrate workflows in the OR and other hospital departments for better outcomes, it’s vital to have a software infrastructure that’s nimble, reliable, scalable and easy to deploy. That’s why we’ve created microservices rather than rely solely on monolithic architecture.

Orchestration Solutions

Applying ArtificiaI Intelligence in Hospitals: The Origin of TAGNOS AI

The inception of the Artifical Intelligence journey at Tagnos happened during a talk show on NPR about a master control program Amazon had created to run its huge warehouses.

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