Khrystal Landrum, RN

Clinical Solutions​ Manager​

Providing a clinical lens to exceed expectations

Throughout her career as a healthcare provider, Khrystal has been fiercely dedicated to serving her patients by utilizing her knowledge, compassion, and attention-to-detail to improve their quality of life. With a combined experience in nursing, product management, and healthcare IT implementation, Khrystal elevates the potential of TAGNOS’ product solutions with her unique clinical perspective.

After graduating with a double major in accounting and nursing, Khrystal began her career as a bedside nurse in ICU, ER and Interventional Radiology departments. 7 years later, Khrystal transferred to Blue Cross Blue Shield, where she worked as a Utilization Management nurse and Team Lead. In addition to her hands-on clinical experience, Khrystal also possesses skills as Product Management from her time at MedHOK as well as IT Implementation from working with AcesoCloud within both insurance and hospital settings. Khrystal currently operates as TAGNOS’ Clinical Solution Manager, assisting a myriad of departments to ensure that solutions are nurse-friendly and designed with maximum adoptability in mind. Whether she’s providing content for marketing outreach or brainstorming with Product Development on potential new features, Khrystal’s value cannot be overstated.

Khrystal is a creatively intelligent individual that is passionate about supporting the efforts of her team members in any way possible. Always one to approach a roadblock with cool logic, Khrystal has already cemented her position as one of TAGNOS’ most integral team members. With the current state of global healthcare, Khrystal’s perspective will continue to provide value as TAGNOS evolves its offerings.

Ever daring and driven by adventure, Khrystal is a roller-coaster enthusiast and enjoys adrenaline-rushing activities with her family and friends. When she isn’t waiting in line for the next ride, Khrystal can also be found traveling around the world, playing tennis, or enjoying a hike through nature.

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