Kris Uy

Senior Director of Field Operations

Ensuring successful implementations

Over the course of his professional career, Kris has used his ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit to bring success to the vast number of clients he has worked with. Armed with an extensive IT background and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Kris is an expert in RTLS in Healthcare and brings immense value to the team setting at TAGNOS.

After graduating from California State University in Long Beach with a BS in Health Care Administration/Management, Kris went on to form his own healthcare IT consultancy where he helped clinics migrate from paper to electronic records by helping design their IT infrastructure, setting up their EHR, and training staff on the technology. In 2014, Kris joined the TAGNOS team as the Senior Director of Field Operations, marking one of the company’s first hires. Kris has over 10 years of experience implementing Tagnos software and partner hardware into RTLS platforms into healthcare facilities. Having the first-hand experience at all stages of TAGNOS’ development, Kris has played multiple roles in the evolution of the company’s OR, ED, and Asset Orchestration Solutions to exceed the demands of the industry. Kris fully understands the clinical field environment as well as the technical challenges involved with marrying software and hardware infrastructure, making him the ideal individual for ensuring the success of TAGNOS’ clients.

Known for his trademark dependability, Kris is always there to back up his teammates, whether it be in the field or in the office. He always goes above and beyond the stated requirements to ensure successful customer implementation and management and is keen to identify potential roadblocks to success. Kris brings a patient and constructive communication style to the TAGNOS team and is always happy to answer a question or lend a hand.

When he’s not implementing a TAGNOS Solution on-site, Kris’ free time is often filled by traveling around the world with family, hiking down the trail with a camera in hand, or kicking back and watching a basketball game.

Kris Uy Publications

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