Sheila Minton

President & Chief Executive Officer

Orchestrating TAGNOS’ impact on healthcare

For 15 years, Sheila has driven success for companies within healthcare. Throughout her dedicated career, she has relied on her resilience, resourcefulness, and thoughtfulness to implement numerous technology solutions for leading healthcare organizations.

After achieving a bachelor’s at UCSD and doing post-grad work in computer science at Purdue University, Sheila was appointed as the Senior Consultant for St. Vincent Health. There she established a Program Management structure for the implementation and adoption of a model-system Electronic Health Record (EHR) in a multi-facility health organization. After four years of success with St. Vincent Health, Sheila moved on to serve as the Interim Director of Technology Integration Services at Tampa General Hospital overseeing many aspects of their EHR implementation. From there she helped guide Oakwood Healthcare through a testing and quality assurance process needed to implement their EHR throughout multiple hospitals. Before joining TAGNOS, Sheila most recently held a Senior Consultant position at UCLA Health, where she was one of three founding members who helped establish the Office of Health Informatics and Analytics leading Program Operations, Business System Analysis, and Enterprise Information Management teams. In this role, Sheila oversaw the most complex and complicated analytics solutions from inception through design, development, and operational implementation .

At TAGNOS, first as the Chief Operations Officer and now as the President & Chief Executive Officer of TAGNOS, Sheila is working tirelessly to ensure the successful growth of the company as it evolves its products and solutions to exceed healthcare expectations. From leading the development of TAGNOS’ strategy, ensuring goals are measured and achieved, creating and implementing the vision and mission, to building and leading the team, Sheila has always found ways to solve the problems the company has encountered. Surrounded by a host of new team members and reenergized with a hyper-focused vision, Sheila is putting TAGNOS on the map.

Despite her desire to overachieve, Sheila also firmly believes in the value of work-life balance. When she isn’t fielding investor calls, you can find her participating in a variety of workout routines, spending time with her family and friends, or playing with her 19-year-old kitten, Priscilla.

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