Sheila Welty

Vice President of Customer Success

Maximizing the Value of the Tagnos Platform

Sheila’s experience in Healthcare Information Technology is unique in its breadth and depth. Her background includes software testing & quality assurance, interfaces & integrations, cybersecurity, service delivery, and consulting. Within these numerous functions, Sheila has deployed user-centric interfaces, implemented high-quality frameworks, and led cross-functional teams.

Sheila has a tenacious desire to solve problems and deliver excellence. She is using her diverse skillset and positive attitude to be an ally to TAGNOS customers. Sheila is focused on helping care providers leverage the TAGNOS workflow solutions designed to help them in their mission of caring for all of us. She aims to foster a business-oriented, customer-centric culture that ensures every user benefits from any TAGNOS solution they use.

Sheila’s motivation and ability to manage the overall picture as well as focus on important details translates into building meaningful relationships with customers. This ensures customers experience an exceptional level of service from the TAGNOS team.

Sheila holds a BA in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Michigan.

Sheila lives in Southeastern Michigan with her husband and her much-loved dog, Nala. To relax, she enjoys sketching, reading, and eating delicious food.

Empower Care Providers

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