OR Planning Functionality

Maximize efficiency with TAGNOS’ Operating Room Planning Software. Our solution enhances room and block scheduling management via intelligent workflow data. We empower healthcare professionals to improve room turnover and schedule utilization, providing real-time situational awareness and data-driven insights. Experience superior patient care and operational excellence.

KPI Analytics Dashboards

Report on key performance indicator (KPI) data using accurate location-based timestamps.

Tagnos On-Time Starts Analysis - Drill Down Dashboard showing various metrics such as On-Time Starts, Over Threshold, Under Threshold, and Change Threshold for different service lines including Cardiac, Neuro, Orthopedic, and Vascular.

Advanced Reporting for OR Optimization

We offer configurable Tableau analytics dashboards to help analyze KPIs such as First Case On Time Starts (FCOTS), Room Turnaround Times (TAT), Room Utilization, etc. We combine EMR/EHR/EPR data with actual patient/asset/staff location data.

Key Features

  • Location-based KPI reporting
  • Configurable Tableau dashboards
  • Comprehensive metric analysis
  • EMR/EHR/EPR data integration

Predictive Case Lengths

Predicting the length of cases to alert delays and coordinate operations

OR Calendar View showcasing Predictive Case Lengths on desktop

Optimization with Case Length Prediction

Our software can be configured to predict the length of procedures by leveraging a combination of historical operational performance data and electronic medical record (EMR) data in order to facilitate improved operating room utilization.

Key Features

  • Procedure length prediction
  • Historical performance data
  • EMR data integration
  • Improved room utilization

Block Scheduling

Coordinate Block scheduling with invitations, communications, and utilization analysis.​

Block Scheduling Surgery Blocks Dashboard Screenshot

Optimize Block Scheduling and Utilization

Our software provides a user-friendly block invitation system for identifying available blocks and reallocating them to optimize utilization. By simplifying the process, it helps facilities make the most of their resources, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency.

Key Features

  • Block scheduling coordination
  • User-friendly invitation system
  • Resource optimization
  • Enhanced efficiency and utilization

OR Orchestration Modules

Our OR Orchestration solutions include modules that offer real-time insights, faster turnover & optimized schedules for better care.

TAGNOS OR Orchestration - OR Workflow Module

OR Workflow

Managing and automating critical operational workflows to enable more surgeries using real time information from data systems and infrastructure.

Purple Hero Image for TAGNOS OR Orchestration - OR Planning Module

OR Planning

Improves efficiency with case length predictions, block scheduling coordination, and utilization analysis.

Screenshot of TAGNOS 'Dynamic Surgery Schedule' dashboard
Dynamic Surgery Schedule‘ dashboard improves OR utilization.


Perform More Surgeries

Gain real time insights to your operating room’s on-time starts, room turnover times, and schedule utilization. Leverage insights to improve OR performance using simple and interactive dashboards for scheduling, patient management, OR milestones, room turnover, and more.


Empower Streamlined Care

Empower your clinicians with real time situational awareness, streamlined notifications, and automated data entries. TAGNOS OR Orchestration allows you to interface with existing healthcare data systems and infrastructure, including EHR/EMR systems, appointment systems, real-time location systems (RTLS), and mobile phones to facilitate efficient and safe operations.

Screenshots of TAGNOS 'Automated Visitor / Lobby dashboards', 'SMS Text Message updates', and 'Patient and Status data feeds'
Streamline care with ‘Automated Visitor / Lobby dashboards‘, ‘SMS Text Message updates’, and ‘Patient and Status data feeds’.
Screenshot of TAGNOS 'Key Performance Indicator' analytics dashboards
Real time reporting allows visibility into performance with ‘Key Performance Indicator’ analytics dashboards.


Continuous Improvements

Leverage comprehensive reports to identify process improvement opportunities. By enabling care providers to focus more on care and less on reporting, TAGNOS OR Orchestration helps hospitals build a cutting-edge OR that increases patient and patient advocate satisfaction.

OR Orchestration Results

Our customers have used the TAGNOS OR Orchestration solution to achieve performance improvements, including:


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Empower Care Providers

We illuminate insights, automate operational tasks, and orchestrate workflows so healthcare workers can focus on delivering the highest level of patient care.