OR Workflow Functionality

TAGNOS OR Workflow safely and efficiently empowers healthcare professionals to perform more surgeries by providing real time situational awareness and data-driven performance insights. OR Workflow improves on-time starts by accelerating room turnover and optimizing schedule utilization for a better patient experience.

Automated Visitor Communications

Automatically text visitors and update visitor views using the real-time location of patients.

Tagnos Visitor Dashboard Displaying Patient Status and Mobile Notification Updates

Automated Updates for Patient Families

By harnessing patient movement data, our system delivers SMS alerts to patient visitors, ensuring prompt status updates on their loved ones. Our system also updates a patient status screen(s) in the waiting area.

Key Features

  • Real-time patient location
  • SMS alerts to visitors
  • Prompt status updates
  • Waiting area status screen

Automated Staff Communications

Automatically generate notifications and alerts for staff such as patient and room status updates.

Automated Staff Communications

Automated Notifications for Staff

Using EMR/EHR and real-time patient movement data, our system generates automatic staff messages for efficient care operations. It sends SMS, push notifications, and interfaces with other systems.

Key Features

  • Automatic status updates
  • EMR/EHR integration
  • SMS and push notifications
  • Interfacing with other systems

Location Tracking Integration

Integrates with RTLS and RFID for tracking patients, staff, assets, and supplies.

Location Tracking Integration or Tracking View Employee Filter Screenshot

RTLS and RFID Integration for Location Data

Our system utilizes Real-Time Location System (RTLS) and/or RFID technology to track the locations of staff, patients, assets, and supplies. This data is used to streamline care operations and improve efficiency.

Key Features

  • RTLS and RFID integration
  • Tracks patients and staff
  • Monitors assets and supplies
  • Streamlines care operations

Patient Journey Tracking

View and manage the patient journey in specialized screens/views

Patient Journey Tracking Screenshot

Manage Patient Journeys

Our system uses patient location data to record sequences and uses EMR data to record care milestones. Our system then displays relevant patient journey data to each stakeholder.

Key Features

  • Specialized journey screens
  • Location-based sequences
  • EMR data integration
  • Tailored data displays

Room Status Views

Visualize the status of operating rooms in a variety of visual formats based on the user viewing the information.

Room Status Views or Tile View Screenshot

Optimize Room Utilization

Our system provides real-time updates on the status of each operating room based on recorded milestones from various healthcare systems, such as EHR/EMR.

Key Features

  • Customizable visual formats
  • Real-time room updates
  • EHR/EMR milestone integration
  • Optimized room utilization

Patient Location Visibility

Display the real-time location of patients on searchable map and list views​.

Patient Location Visibility Tracking Patient Filter Search Screenshot

Track Patients in Real Time

Our software utilizes RTLS/RFID technology, including Bluetooth, Infrared, Ultrasound, Wi-Fi, UWB, and pRFID, to track and display real-time patient locations. This enhances patient safety and improves hospital efficiency.

Key Features

  • Searchable map and list
  • RTLS/RFID technology
  • Multiple tracking methods
  • Enhanced safety and efficiency

Asset Tracking

View and search for the real-time location of assets within the OR.

Asset Tracking or View Asset Filter Search IV Pump Asset Type Screenshot

Track Assets in Real Time

Our software uses various RTLS/RFID technologies such as Bluetooth, Infrared, Ultrasound, Wi-Fi, UWB, and pRFID to track and display the real-time locations of assets. This helps to increase asset visibility, reduce loss and improve operational efficiency.

Key Features

  • Real-time asset location
  • Searchable tracking interface
  • Multiple RTLS/RFID technologies
  • Improved operational efficiency

Staff Safety

Manage and analyze staff movement with the real-time location tracking.

Staff Safety or Tracking View Employee not seen for a while Screenshot

Improve Staff Safety

Our software provides optional tracking of staff members to help facilitate improved safety with location-aware duress calls and improved support with data-driven staff modeling.

Key Features

  • Real-time staff tracking
  • Location-aware duress calls
  • Data-driven staff modeling
  • Enhanced staff safety

OR Advanced Reporting

Access and view numerous reports and historical data in dynamic and exportable formats.

OR Advanced Reports Patient Flow Report Screenshot

View Reports on Historical Data​

Our Advanced OR Reporting offers valuable insights into departmental performance and patient flow, fostering enhanced efficiency, informed decision-making, and optimized throughput.

Key Features

  • Dynamic report access
  • Exportable data formats
  • Departmental performance insights
  • Informed decision-making support

OR Orchestration Modules

Our OR Orchestration solutions include modules that offer real-time insights, faster turnover & optimized schedules for better care.

TAGNOS OR Orchestration - OR Workflow Module

OR Workflow

Managing and automating critical operational workflows to enable more surgeries using real time information from data systems and infrastructure.

Purple Hero Image for TAGNOS OR Orchestration - OR Planning Module

OR Planning

Improves efficiency with case length predictions, block scheduling coordination, and utilization analysis.

Screenshot of TAGNOS 'Dynamic Surgery Schedule' dashboard
Dynamic Surgery Schedule‘ dashboard improves OR utilization.


Perform More Surgeries

Gain real time insights to your operating room’s on-time starts, room turnover times, and schedule utilization. Leverage insights to improve OR performance using simple and interactive dashboards for scheduling, patient management, OR milestones, room turnover, and more.


Empower Streamlined Care

Empower your clinicians with real time situational awareness, streamlined notifications, and automated data entries. TAGNOS OR Orchestration allows you to interface with existing healthcare data systems and infrastructure, including EHR/EMR systems, appointment systems, real-time location systems (RTLS), and mobile phones to facilitate efficient and safe operations.

Screenshots of TAGNOS 'Automated Visitor / Lobby dashboards', 'SMS Text Message updates', and 'Patient and Status data feeds'
Streamline care with ‘Automated Visitor / Lobby dashboards‘, ‘SMS Text Message updates’, and ‘Patient and Status data feeds’.
Screenshot of TAGNOS 'Key Performance Indicator' analytics dashboards
Real time reporting allows visibility into performance with ‘Key Performance Indicator’ analytics dashboards.


Continuous Improvements

Leverage comprehensive reports to identify process improvement opportunities. By enabling care providers to focus more on care and less on reporting, TAGNOS OR Orchestration helps hospitals build a cutting-edge OR that increases patient and patient advocate satisfaction.

OR Orchestration Results

Our customers have used the TAGNOS OR Orchestration solution to achieve performance improvements, including:


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Empower Care Providers

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