Optimized Room Status

Visualize operating room status in real-time with customizable views based on user needs, integrating EHR/EMR milestones for efficiency.

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Customizable Visual Formats

Offer a variety of visual formats for room status views, customizable based on the user viewing the information.

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Real-time Room Updates

Provide real-time updates on each operating room’s status, enhancing operational efficiency.

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EHR/EMR Milestone Integration

Integrate with EHR/EMR data to record key room usage milestones, enriching room status details.

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Enhanced Room Management

Improve room management with real-time tracking and visualization of each room’s status.

Optimized Room Utilization

Optimize room utilization by leveraging real-time updates and milestone data, reducing idle room time.

Customized Data Displays

Provide user-based customized data displays for efficient and effective room status management.

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OR Orchestration Modules

Our OR Orchestration solutions include modules that offer real-time insights, faster turnover & optimized schedules for better care.

TAGNOS OR Orchestration - OR Workflow Module

OR Workflow

Managing and automating critical operational workflows to enable more surgeries using real time information from data systems and infrastructure.

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OR Planning

Improves efficiency with case length predictions, block scheduling coordination, and utilization analysis.

Empower Care Providers

We illuminate insights, automate operational tasks, and orchestrate workflows so healthcare workers can focus on delivering the highest level of patient care.