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Since 1885, Honeywell has been at the forefront of American engineering and innovation, developing solutions to support industries like Aerospace, Building Technologies, Performance Materials, and Safety and Productivity. Beginning with the invention of the Furnace Regulator, Honeywell has since collaborated on some of the Nation’s most groundbreaking technological achievements, including the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Boasting over $33 Billion in sales, Honeywell has cemented itself as one of the country’s most successful businesses.

Within healthcare, Honeywell is pioneering technology solutions and protective gear to empower clinicians with the right tools to make them more efficient, effective, safe, and productive while delivering best-in-class patient care. In addition, Honeywell mobility, scanning and printing solutions can help streamline critical workflows in the hospital including asset management, patient care, clinician productivity, patient safety and security.

With a wealth of experience in hospital environments, Honeywell understands the complex, competitive, and highly regulated world of healthcare. In light of the current clinical environment, Honeywell has partnered with TAGNOS to design solutions to connect hospitals and clinicians and ultimately, provide a better patient experience.

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Leading Technology Companies Invest to Drive Healthcare Initiatives

Aliso Viejo, Calif.—May 20, 2020– TAGNOS, a developer of workflow orchestration software for hospital operations, today announced investments from leading technology companies to expand and optimize its analytics platform. This latest investment round includes support from Benhamou Global Ventures, Honeywell Ventures, Morpheus Ventures, and Zebra Ventures.

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