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TAGNOS Company Overview

TAGNOS solutions deliver healthcare teams smart insight to achieve operational efficiency with applications that support OR and ED patient flow as well as asset, supply and temperature tracking.

As the only company that has developed an AI application that uses machine learning combined with real-time data capturing capabilities to provide a system that continually updates and adjusts its operational intelligence to provide sustained improvement, TAGNOS is worth learning more about. Download the TAGNOS corporate brochure.

 Download the TAGNOS corporate brochure to learn more

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Solution Briefs

TAGNOS Operating Room Solution Brief

Download the Operating Room Flow Brief

Download the TAGNOS Emergency Department Flow Brief

Download the Emergency  Department Flow Brief

Download the TAGNOS Asset Tracking Solution Brief

Download the Asset Tracking Brief




TAGNOS, Orchestrate Excellence

TAGNOS is a clinical logistics automation solution teams use to orchestrate the functional operations of care delivery with applications that support OR and ED patient flow and enterprise-wide asset tracking. Watch the video to see TAGNOS in action.


IoT Devices in Healthcare Demonstration

Watch this demo from Cisco Live showcasing TAGNOS IoT/IoE technology in the healthcare sector.

Neeraj Bhavani, CEO of Tagnos, demonstrates how their technology tracks patients in real-time with the help of Cisco Spark and Tropo.


TAGNOS Solution with Cisco Spark

Everyone dislikes wait time in hospitals even hospitals. Learn how the TAGNOS solution works in this video.



TAGNOS Patents


Patent No. US 7,492,266 B2


A VoIP communicator utilizes an ultrawide band frequency, sufficient to determine a location of the communicator to within 1 meter, 0.1 meters, or less. The communicator preferably includes a display screen that displays a rich colored asset map. Several novel software functionalities are contemplated, including: (a) reporting the location of the responder as being within one of a plurality of business locations; (b) using scalar vector graphics to display the locations with varying degrees of detail; (c) displaying replay of movements of the assets; (d) displaying utilization profiles of the assets; and (e) coordinating the locations of the at least some of the assets data from a global satellite positioning system (GPS). It is still further contemplated that the inventive system can consolidates output from different types of nominally incompatible equipment.

Patent No. US9,928,343 B2 


Contemplated systems and methods provide an integration platform to facilitate the exchange of information between RFID tagged objects and non-RFID systems. In especially preferred aspects, RFID tagged objects include patients, personnel, and assets of a healthcare facility, while preferred non-RFID systems include asset management systems, timekeeping systems, electronic medical records systems, and hospital and pharmacy information systems. Contemplated systems and methods will apply rules to associate RFID information with events, which will then be correlated with appropriate steps that can be effected in a varied and automated manner. In further preferred aspects, RFID technology is employed to upgrade patient telemetry to provide positional information the hospital system.



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