Maximizing the Value of the Tagnos Platform

Sheila’s experience in Healthcare Information Technology is unique in its breadth and depth. Her background includes software testing & quality assurance, interfaces & integrations, cybersecurity, service delivery, and consulting. Within these numerous functions, Sheila has deployed user-centric interfaces, implemented high-quality frameworks, and led cross-functional teams.

Sheila has a tenacious desire to solve problems and deliver excellence. She is using her diverse skillset and positive attitude to be an ally to TAGNOS customers. Sheila is focused on helping care providers leverage the TAGNOS workflow solutions designed to help them in their mission of caring for all of us. She aims to foster a business-oriented, customer-centric culture that ensures every user benefits from any TAGNOS solution they use.

Sheila’s motivation and ability to manage the overall picture as well as focus on important details translates into building meaningful relationships with customers. This ensures customers experience an exceptional level of service from the TAGNOS team.

Sheila holds a BA in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Michigan.

Sheila lives in Southeastern Michigan with her husband and her much-loved dog, Nala. To relax, she enjoys sketching, reading, and eating delicious food.

Meticulous and Detail-Oriented Accounting and Finance

For over 7 years, Dee has excelled the areas of accounting and finance by relaying on her meticulous and detail-oriented organizational skills. With a vast experience helping companies clean up accounts and finances through cost saving strategies and resolving customer disputes, Dee has quickly become an invaluable member to the TAGNOS team during her first 3 months with the company.

A native of Los Angeles, Dee obtained her B.S. in Finance at Cal Poly Pomona before achieving an MBA at the University of California, Irvine. Following her graduation, Dee worked in various industries with companies such as Anmol Investments, Unitedhealth Group, Vizio and assisted them with maintaining accounting and finances to ensure accuracy in payments and resolution of disputes. As the current accounting manager for TAGNOS, Dee assisted with organizing A/R and A/P to better manage finances of the company, cleaning-up A/R to collect on past due balances, working with customers to resolve disputes and ensure payments are made on a timely basis, as well as assisting in forecasts and projections to help provide a more accurate outlook of TANOS future.

Dee is a determined, motivated, and resilient individual that is dedicated to the success of TAGNOS and its clients. She brings highly energetic spirit to the team and is passionate about helping others. Always dependable and reliable, Dee is a pleasure to work with and has a bright future with the TAGNOS team. Dee currently resides in her hometown of Los Angeles, and spends her free time hiking, traveling, watching movies, and dancing to Bollywood music.

The glue that holds the team together

As TAGNOS’ current Office Manager, Maura is responsible for supporting and coordinating the various projects and meetings within the company. Having worked within multiple industries in countries around the world, Maura brings a diverse skill set to support the endeavors of the TAGNOS team.

Born in Puerto Rico, Maura received her BA in Political Science from the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez, where she graduated at the top of her class with honors. Following her international education, Maura went on to work for a myriad of prominent organizations such as Principal Financial, TD Bank, Colliers International, and Wells Fargo. It was during this time that she gained valuable experiences filling various roles including Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Loan Doc Representative, and Insurance Claims Technician to name a few. In 2020, Maura joined the TAGNOS team where she has been invaluable in assisting with team organization and project management.

Maura is often referred to as the glue that holds the team together. Always willing to assist with any task no matter the department, Maura is passionate about helping her teammates succeed. With her innate ability to make people feel comfortable, Maura never fails to brighten up any room or Zoom call and is easy to talk to and fun to be around.

After traveling around the world most of her life, Maura enjoys spending her free time watching international shows, relaxing to a good book, or playing with her three pets: a dog named Duke and two short-haired cats, Jack and Sally.

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Orchestrating TAGNOS’ impact on healthcare

For 15 years, Sheila has driven success for companies within healthcare. Throughout her dedicated career, she has relied on her resilience, resourcefulness, and thoughtfulness to implement numerous technology solutions for leading healthcare organizations.

After achieving a bachelor’s at UCSD and doing post-grad work in computer science at Purdue University, Sheila was appointed as the Senior Consultant for St. Vincent Health. There she established a Program Management structure for the implementation and adoption of a model-system Electronic Health Record (EHR) in a multi-facility health organization. After four years of success with St. Vincent Health, Sheila moved on to serve as the Interim Director of Technology Integration Services at Tampa General Hospital overseeing many aspects of their EHR implementation. From there she helped guide Oakwood Healthcare through a testing and quality assurance process needed to implement their EHR throughout multiple hospitals. Before joining TAGNOS, Sheila most recently held a Senior Consultant position at UCLA Health, where she was one of three founding members who helped establish the Office of Health Informatics and Analytics leading Program Operations, Business System Analysis, and Enterprise Information Management teams. In this role, Sheila oversaw the most complex and complicated analytics solutions from inception through design, development, and operational implementation .

At TAGNOS, first as the Chief Operations Officer and now as the President & Chief Executive Officer of TAGNOS, Sheila is working tirelessly to ensure the successful growth of the company as it evolves its products and solutions to exceed healthcare expectations. From leading the development of TAGNOS’ strategy, ensuring goals are measured and achieved, creating and implementing the vision and mission, to building and leading the team, Sheila has always found ways to solve the problems the company has encountered. Surrounded by a host of new team members and reenergized with a hyper-focused vision, Sheila is putting TAGNOS on the map.

Despite her desire to overachieve, Sheila also firmly believes in the value of work-life balance. When she isn’t fielding investor calls, you can find her participating in a variety of workout routines, spending time with her family and friends, or playing with her 19-year-old kitten, Priscilla.

Putting customers at the heart of TAGNOS

Serving as Chief Customer Officer, Erik is responsible for keeping customers at the heart of the TAGNOS mission by leading Sales, Marketing, Customer Success, and Product Strategy initiatives with a customer-centric approach. By leveraging his background in business development, operational leadership, and product strategy, Erik is helping TAGNOS build and deploy customer-focused products designed to make the lives of care providers just a little easier.

Erik has a breadth of entrepreneurial experience that includes being a founder, employee, advisor, and investor in a variety of new ventures.

Erik founded a business that specialized in Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology and location data analytics. In addition to serving as the CEO of the business for seven years, he also served as an inventor and holds two issued utility patents in RTLS technology.

Complimenting his entrepreneurial experience, Erik has also been hired to serve in leadership roles at established businesses ranging from managing functional departments to growing the organization as the CEO.

Within the Internet of Things (IoT) domain, Erik established and led the product management department of a 60+ year old business that specializes in smart wireless products. He led the development and market launch of a complex smart building IoT platform that fielded over 1,000 systems within just three years of initial conceptualization.

Erik holds a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University.

Erik is actively involved in his community and serves in part-time public office. He believes that we are stronger together and that we can all help make our communities a little better than we found them.

When he isn’t working, Erik is cherishing time with his loving family, teaching Taekwon-Do, spending time outside, reading, learning, or simply enjoying life.

Ensuring successful implementations

Over the course of his professional career, Kris has used his ambitious and entrepreneurial spirit to bring success to the vast number of clients he has worked with. Armed with an extensive IT background and a deep understanding of the healthcare industry, Kris brings immense value to the team setting at TAGNOS.

After graduating from California State University in Long Beach with a BS in Health Care Administration/Management, Kris went on to form his own healthcare IT consultancy where he helped clinics migrate from paper to electronic records by helping design their IT infrastructure, setting up their EHR, and training staff on the technology. In 2014, Kris joined the TAGNOS team as the Senior Director of Field Operations, marking one of the company’s first hires. Having the first-hand experience at all stages of TAGNOS’ development, Kris has played multiple roles in the evolution of the company’s OR, ED, and Asset Orchestration Solutions to exceed the demands of the industry. Kris fully understands the clinical field environment as well as the technical challenges involved with marrying software and hardware infrastructure, making him the ideal individual for ensuring the success of TAGNOS’ clients.

Known for his trademark dependability, Kris is always there to back up his teammates, whether it be in the field or in the office. He always goes above and beyond the stated requirements to ensure successful customer implementation and management and is keen to identify potential roadblocks to success. Kris brings a patient and constructive communication style to the TAGNOS team and is always happy to answer a question or lend a hand.

When he’s not implementing a TAGNOS Solution on-site, Kris’ free time is often filled by traveling around the world with family, hiking down the trail with a camera in hand, or kicking back and watching a basketball game.

Providing a clinical lens to exceed expectations

Throughout her career as a healthcare provider, Khrystal has been fiercely dedicated to serving her patients by utilizing her knowledge, compassion, and attention-to-detail to improve their quality of life. With a combined experience in nursing, product management, and healthcare IT implementation, Khrystal elevates the potential of TAGNOS’ product solutions with her unique clinical perspective.

After graduating with a double major in accounting and nursing, Khrystal began her career as a bedside nurse in ICU, ER and Interventional Radiology departments. 7 years later, Khrystal transferred to Blue Cross Blue Shield, where she worked as a Utilization Management nurse and Team Lead. In addition to her hands-on clinical experience, Khrystal also possesses skills as Product Management from her time at MedHOK as well as IT Implementation from working with AcesoCloud within both insurance and hospital settings. Khrystal currently operates as TAGNOS’ Clinical Solution Manager, assisting a myriad of departments to ensure that solutions are nurse-friendly and designed with maximum adoptability in mind. Whether she’s providing content for marketing outreach or brainstorming with Product Development on potential new features, Khrystal’s value cannot be overstated.

Khrystal is a creatively intelligent individual that is passionate about supporting the efforts of her team members in any way possible. Always one to approach a roadblock with cool logic, Khrystal has already cemented her position as one of TAGNOS’ most integral team members. With the current state of global healthcare, Khrystal’s perspective will continue to provide value as TAGNOS evolves its offerings.

Ever daring and driven by adventure, Khrystal is a roller-coaster enthusiast and enjoys adrenaline-rushing activities with her family and friends. When she isn’t waiting in line for the next ride, Khrystal can also be found traveling around the world, playing tennis, or enjoying a hike through nature.