TAGNOS attends the United Nations General Assembly 78 

In a world where healthcare is undergoing rapid transformation, leaders and innovators gather to share insights, strategies, and visions for the future. At the forefront of this change is TAGNOS, represented by its dynamic President and CEO, Sheila Minton, at the United Nations General Assembly 78. 

A Confluence of Visionaries 

The event, which saw Zebra Technologies presenting, facilitated a panel on achieving 10x better outcomes through the combination of visibility, mobility, and orchestration intelligence. This panel was not just a discussion but a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation in healthcare. Three remarkable women, including Sheila Minton, shared their invaluable insights, ranging from robotics to location intelligence and the digitization and automation of clinical workflows. 

TAGNOS President and CEO, Sheila Minton, at the United Nations General Assembly 78

TAGNOS: A Beacon of Innovation 

Sheila Minton’s participation highlighted the pivotal role TAGNOS plays in the healthcare sector. As the CEO of TAGNOS, Sheila brought to the table the company’s expertise in real-time location solutions, emphasizing how such technologies can revolutionize patient care, streamline operations, and enhance overall healthcare outcomes. 

Thomas Bianculli, in his LinkedIn post, expressed gratitude to Sheila and other panelists, emphasizing the significance of their contributions. He mentioned, “Thank you Sheila Minton, CEO of TAGNOS, Andrea L. Thomaz, CEO of Diligent Robotics, Rikki Jennings, CNIO at Zebra Technologies.” This acknowledgment underscores the impact TAGNOS, under Sheila’s leadership, is making in the healthcare domain. 

Gathering of Visionaries 

The United Nations General Assembly 78 was more than just a conference; it was a gathering of visionaries, leaders, and innovators, all committed to driving positive change in healthcare. Sheila Minton’s participation not only highlighted TAGNOS’ contributions but also set the stage for future collaborations, innovations, and transformative solutions in healthcare. 

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