TAGNOS: Pioneering Efficiency and Enhanced Patient Care in Healthcare

In the wake of the “smarter approach to healthcare” highlighted in a recent LinkedIn post and further detailed in Zebra Technologies’ press release, the healthcare sector is witnessing transformative changes. Collaborating with Zebra Technologies and The Barcode Warehouse, TAGNOS has emerged as a leader of innovation, significantly enhancing operational efficiency at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 

A Revolutionary Solution for Modern Challenges

Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, catering to nearly a million patients annually, faced the challenge of tracking critical equipment, especially in intensive care units. The traditional methods were cumbersome, leading to procedure cancellations due to misplaced items and delayed access to essential equipment during surgeries. 

TAGNOS: Hospitals have all types of inventory to track

Enter TAGNOS, with its innovative inventory management and asset orchestration software. Integrated with Zebra’s real-time location solution (RTLS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware (powered by MotionWorks™), the system provided real-time data insights, enabling the Trust to make informed procurement decisions, optimize stock management, and ensure quick access to critical equipment. The result? A staggering 87,500 hours annually shifted from searching for items to direct patient care, translating to enhanced operational efficiency. 

TAGNOS and Collaborative Excellence 

Zebra’s MotionWorks™ solution laid the foundation for location data collection, and TAGNOS’ software leveraged the location data to tailor a solution to the Trust’s unique needs. Working closely with Zebra and The Barcode Warehouse, TAGNOS ensured the seamless integration of FX7500 fixed RFID readers, TC52-HC rugged mobile computers, RFD8500 handheld RFID sleds, and ZT411 RFID industrial printers. This synergy underscores TAGNOS’ commitment to working in tandem with other systems, ensuring that healthcare institutions benefit from a holistic solution. 

RFID Scanner Mobile App

Rachael Ellis, Scan4Safety Programme Director at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, lauded the deployment, stating, “The system is flexible and easy to use, and colleagues have taken to it quickly. The best outcome is a clear improvement to patient care.”

TAGNOS Healthcare Innovators Podcast – Episode 1: Rachael Ellis, Scan4Safety Programme Director at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Looking Ahead: The Future of Healthcare with TAGNOS 

TAGNOS’ involvement in this transformative journey doesn’t end here. With plans to expand the Zebra MotionWorks solution to track patients’ personal belongings and manage equipment inventory, the future looks promising. TAGNOS, with its versatility and scalability, is poised to drive more operational healthcare improvements, ensuring that healthcare institutions are always a step ahead in patient care. 

TAGNOS, with its innovative solutions and collaborative approach, is redefining the future of healthcare operations. By placing efficiency and patient care at the heart of its mission, TAGNOS is not just a solution provider but a partner in the truest sense, committed to creating a healthier tomorrow. 

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