Screenshot of TAGNOS real time staff updates on a desktop
Screenshot of TAGNOS real time staff updates on a mobile device

Patient care is improved with real time staff updates.

Patient Progress

Communicate on one platform with everyone required for optimized patient flow. Send messages to care team members letting them know the moment room turnover is complete to usher in the next patient on time and reduce forthcoming patient wait times and length of stay (LOS).

Screenshot of TAGNOS messages to care team members on a mobile device

Screenshot of TAGNOS of Asset Management

Asset Location

Save your team extra steps, reduce frustration and reduce patient wait times. Find required medical equipment directly from your mobile device. Search by department, floor, tag number or asset type.

Alerts and Notifications

Customize alerts around information that’s critical to your hospital’s operations. From patient wait time thresholds, to treatment time metrics to at-risk patient wandering, alert assigned care team members in real-time so they can respond and react in the moment.

Screenshot of TAGNOS Alerts and Notifications

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