Real-Time Location Systems

Locate Patients

Every patient wears an RFID wristband to track their location. Progress alerts are sent automatically with visibility into where patients are and automatic notifications when wait times exceed established thresholds. This real-time situational insight allows coordination of assets and staff needed at each step in the care process and enables visibility to all departments.

Real-Time Location Systems

Track Assets

Hospital medical equipment has an average of only 42% utilization, primarily caused by lost, misplaced or even hiding/hoarding equipment by well-intentioned staff members. Use TAGNOS Asset Tracking on high-value and/or high-volume equipment such as beds, crash carts, wheelchairs, mobile diagnostic equipment, and IV pumps to gain instant visibility on their whereabouts and conditions.

Real-Time Location Systems

Locate Staff

When staff is not in the right place at the right time, time is wasted, procedures are delayed, costs mount and employee satisfaction suffers. TAGNOS enables you to align staff movements with care delivery steps to more effectively utilize both clinical and ancillary staff.

Real Time Location Systems in Healthcare Articles

Empower Care Providers

We illuminate insights, automate operational tasks, and orchestrate workflows to assist healthcare workers to produce the highest level of patient care.