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As a Digital Health Company, TAGNOS focuses on helping healthcare organizations with operational throughput efficiencies within cases and procedures. 

We look at each department and service line and build software solutions to help hospitals solve workflow efficiencies. We call this workflow orchestration. Imagine hospital workflows functioning as seamlessly as a symphony plays, where everyone knows what to do and when to do it.

The TAGNOS platform helps hospitals to operate more efficiently by orchestrating the functional operations of care with our Real-time Location Systems (RTLS), AI and Interoperability platform and applications to support the OR and ED, along with other areas of the hospital with patient flow as well as asset and supply chain.

What TAGNOS Software Does

TAGNOS software works by capturing data from various places in the hospital, such as the hospital’s Electronic Health Records, lab, scheduling and any relevant data.

We then combine this with real time location system data, and this information goes into the TAGNOS engine. 

  • It creates real time data alerts by pushing texts through to mobile devices
  • It populates at-a-glance dashboards to see where the patient and assets are in the patient’s journey.

TAGNOS software accurately tracks and timestamps at each present location and along the way to keep family members informed of their loved one’s progress through HIPPA compliant dashboards.

The result is better patient satisfaction.

By combining real time and historical data, TAGNOS software provides staff with comprehensive reports to help better optimize workflows.  

A.I. and Machine Learning

Innovative and successful clinical software solutions like the TAGNOS engine that focus on hospital efficiency, productivity and cost reduction require expertise in cloud computing, deep machine learning, mobile technology and API expertise.

The TAGNOS technology team excels in these disciplines and more.

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