TAGNOS to Showcase Clinical Logistics Solutions Converging IoT, AI / Machine Learning and Mobile Communication at HIMSS19

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TAGNOS will demonstrate the power of IoT, AI / machine learning and mobile communication to optimize OR and ED patient flow and enterprise-wide asset tracking at HIMSS19 Booth 540

Aliso Viejo, CA — February 5, 2019 — TAGNOS, innovator of clinical logistics solutions for improved healthcare delivery, announced today it will showcase its solutions at HIMSS19 Booth 540 where it will demonstrate how the integration of IoT, artificial intelligence (A.I.) machine learning and mobile communication improve the functional aspects of healthcare delivery.

TAGNOS is the only company that’s developed an A.I. application that uses machine learning combined with real-time data capturing capabilities to provide a solution that continually updates and adjusts its operational intelligence. The convergence of real-time IoT data with A.I. / machine learning delivers sustained improvement in OR and ED patient flow, along with enhanced asset and supply management. TAGNOS solutions are proven to reduce operational costs, improve outcomes and optimize capacity. Using mobile information access along with a dashboard and reporting suite, TAGNOS breaks down the barriers that often prevent staff from easily accessing data they need to plan care and make real-time course corrections to better run their hospitals and serve patients every day.  

“Data is being collected in a variety of hospital systems today, but is often latent, inaccurate and also not integrated together to derive ‘smart’ operational and situational insight. TAGNOS solves these challenges with the powerful integration of the internet of things (or IoT), the AI application of machine learning and a mobile communication application, to deliver the tools everyone on the care delivery team needs to Orchestrate Excellence”, said Neeraj Bhavani, President and CEO of TAGNOS.  

Expanding from its early focus on decreasing patient wait times, today TAGNOS delivers orchestrated workflows for care delivery teams that collect data from real-time locating systems such as RFID tags on patient wristbands, and combines it with data from ADT, EHR, CPOE, surgical scheduling, lab, radiology and other systems hospitals use every day. Harnessing the power of A.I.  machine learning, the TAGNOS system continually gains knowledge to identify patterns, provide predictive metrics and pinpoint areas for increased efficiency, cost reduction and revenue opportunities over time:

  • During the patient encounter, TAGNOS delivers mobile communication relaying real-time patient progress status to the entire care delivery team, allowing them to react to events in real-time and communicate next steps to improve patient flow and satisfaction.
  • Using TAGNOS dashboards and reporting tools, departmental leaders can quickly identify and fix bottlenecks by analyzing patient flow and wait times, physician and workforce workflows, room utilization, medical equipment utilization, exposure to infectious diseases and more.
  • For advance planning, administrators receive predictive insight so they can model what to expect and more appropriately plan staffing levels.  

TAGNOS recently rebranded the company and launched its new website (www.tagnos.com) devoted to how smart hospitals can leverage data, machine learning and mobile information access to improve productivity and efficiency. The new TAGNOS descriptor, Orchestrate Excellence, encompasses the company’s mission to deliver vital patient flow information to administrators, clinicians and support staff that can immediately leverage it to improve operational efficiencies, optimize capacity and support better clinical outcomes and patient experience. The new brand symbol reflects the abstract construct of an orchestra and the radiating design further represents communication originating from TAGNOS as well as orderly and efficient alignment of workflows.


TAGNOS is the clinical logistics automation solution healthcare teams use to orchestrate the functional aspects of care delivery. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to support OR and ED patient flow as well as asset and supply management. TAGNOS is the only company with an AI application that uses machine learning combined with real-time data capturing capabilities to provide a system that continually updates and adjusts its operational intelligence to provide sustained improvement. The TAGNOS system is configurable with custom notification and escalation workflows and flexible communication options including iOS or Android app, SMS or integration with existing mobile platforms. By transforming raw data into actionable intelligence, TAGNOS helps hospitals and health systems Orchestrate Excellence.  For more information visit www.tagnos.com

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