Asset, Supply, &
Temperature Tracking

Monitor, track, and find medical
equipment easily and in real time.
Asset Tracking, Supply and Temperature Tracking

Your Care Center at a Glance with the TAGNOS Asset Tracking Module

Monitor Assets Easily and in Real-Time

Your Care Center at a Glance with the TAGNOS Asset Tracking Module  Monitor Assets Easily and in Real-Time

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Enterprise Visibility: Reduce footsteps, wait times and futile efforts searching for equipment


>> Location: Identify and reduce time spent on non-value add tasks by 20%

>> Infection Control: Find and quarantine affected equipment

>> Movements: Prevent theft and loss  by setting alerts in pre-defined areas  

Reduce spending: Get accurate utilization metrics, rightsize inventory and manage maintenance and recalls better. Eliminate wait times and futile efforts searching for equipment.


>> Preventative Maintenance: Predict upkeep requirements to avoid breakdowns

>> Integration: Get real-time, “in-use” updates for critical assets

>> Usage: Map usage trends by zone or staff member

Achieve Consistent Par Levels: Identify trends for improvement, improve patient safety


>> Rental Management: Identify on-time return periods and stay on track with alerts

>> Dirty/Clean: Distinguish between clean and dirty assets to better serve patients

>> History: Improve future inventory levels with insight into past trends (where, when, how long)

Asset Tracking Mobile Communications

Medical equipment is constantly moving throughout your facility. Shouldn't critical information move with it?

Track equipment location and status using handheld devices to share details with transporters, caregivers and other stakeholders, improving time-to-treatment and the patient experience.

TAGNOS users can also access our intuitive asset dashboard and run reports via any web-enabled PC.

Leverage your TAGNOS investment for additional operational efficiency

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

With TAGNOS Temperature and Humidity Monitoring, medications, fluids and other sensitive items are continuously monitored 24/7 for out-of-range situations.

The TAGNOS system automatically logs temperature levels and alerts designated staff when items go out of range and require attention, limiting manual data entry and footsteps.  

Our unique algorithms consider acceptable variance ranges and length of time for temperature-controlled storage or humidity-sensitive areas to avoid false alarms and alert, only on situations where staff intervention is necessary to protect inventory before it becomes compromised and unusable or unsafe.

Supply Management

Automate your refill process with TAGNOS’ Kanban module.

Simply associate a TAGNOS tracking tag with a specific stock of product.  When that product runs low, move the card to a specified RFID enabled drop-box and from there it automatically sends a notification to Hospital supply teams to restock.

Additionally, once supplies are restocked that card can also send a signal that the supply has been fulfilled.  It eliminates the need to have a designated transporter going to each location to see what needs refilling.

Lab Sample Tracking

Using RFID tags, create custom alerts at any pre-defined stage to track lab samples.

Workflows are triggered as samples move into specified stages, and notifications regarding results and delays can be pushed directly into the hands of a waiting care team member to deliver and communicate results to patients faster.