Healthcare Orchestration with Results

TAGNOS provides data-driven healthcare workflow solutions to enable:

Workflow Software

Operating Room Orchestration

Perform more surgeries safely and efficiently by improving on-time starts, accelerating room turnover, increasing scheduling capacity, implementing real time situational awareness, and more.

TAGNOS OR Orchestration: Operating Room Workflow Orchestration
TAGNOS ED Orchestration: Emergency Department Workflow Orchestration
Workflow Software

Emergency Department Orchestration

Treat and satisfy more patients with structure and accountability by decreasing left without being seen (LWBS) rates, accelerating time to treatment, streamlining intra- & inter-departmental communications, and more.

Workflow Software

Asset Orchestration

Deliver improved asset utilization and reduce supply waste, eliminate search times, streamline work orders, optimize par levels, and more.

TAGNOS Asset Orchestration: Hospital Equipment and Supplies Orchestration

Workflow Diagrams

Explore our library of examples of workflow diagrams demonstrating various aspects of clinical orchestration in healthcare environments.

WiFi RTLS Systems

WiFi RTLS Systems diagram: Leverages existing Wi-Fi for accurate tag tracking within 6-12 feet.

RTLS Signal Spectrum

RTLS Signal Spectrum: Explores various signal types for optimal tracking across environments.

WiFi Signal Strength

WiFi Signal Strength: Utilizes existing networks for RTLS, highlighting scalability and efficiency.

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