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What is TAGNOS?

TAGNOS is a clinical software solution that helps orchestrate workflows in the OR and other hospital departments for better outcomes. Any of those issues that can affect the patient journey, we can help you address. 



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Using RTLS (real-time location system) technology, TAGNOS provides patient location tracking from registration to discharge.

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Asset Tracking

Get an enterprise view of mobile equipment assets to locate and monitor medical equipment easily and in real-time.

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Case length predictions info

Using the AI application of machine learning, TAGNOS delivers a system that continually updates and adjusts its operational intelligence providing a more accurate view into what, when and how things will happen throughout a specific day.

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Floor Summary

TAGNOS delivers a powerful combination of historical data collection along with what's happening real-time to predict patient census so staffing levels can be fine-tuned to meet the demands for the upcoming shift, limiting over-time and reducing the risk of under-staffing levels.

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Get Mobile: 
Actionable data on
the front lines.

People and data are in constant motion - don't leave your critical information and insight behind a desk.


With TAGNOS, your entire care delivery team is free to focus on what matters - delivering quality clinical care and ensuring patient satisfaction

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Tagnos Implemented

Client Success

With TAGNOS you'll deliver clinical outcomes quickly and safely while achieving improved operational metrics in parallel.  
The TAGNOS platform includes the building blocks care settings need to achieve a return on investment tailored to your specific challenges and initiatives.
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Real-Time Feedback

The TAGNOS system continuously collects actual location data to deliver in-the-moment insight that allows everyone involved in the care delivery process to make adjustments and necessary course corrections in real-time to improve patient flow.
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Real-Time Feedback
A.I. & Machine Learning in Action

A.I. & Machine Learning in Action

A.I. algorithms involve an enormous amount of data and variables. Common problems like traffic jams have been solved using weather patterns, traffic volumes, the likelihood of accidents, real-time information on traffic flow and a host of other parameters that affect the overall travel time.


This same functionality is delivered by TAGNOS to predict and optimize patient flow and throughput.  

Using the A.I. application of machine learning, TAGNOS evaluates large historical and real-time datasets to identify patterns that indicate how patient, staff and asset flow may occur on that particular day - right down to the minute.

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