WiFi RTLS Systems

Wi-Fi access points triangulate the location of a tag, with the calculated position typically accurate to within 6 to 12 feet. In some cases, existing Wi-Fi infrastructure can be leveraged for this purpose.

Wi-Fi Calculated Position

  • Infrastructure Device
  • Wi-Fi Signal
  • Tag
  • Wi-Fi Response Signal
  • Calculated Position

How WiFi RTLS Systems Work

Wi-Fi-based Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) utilize both existing and supplementary Wi-Fi infrastructure to identify and monitor the whereabouts of assets or individuals. Such systems are particularly advantageous for expansive healthcare facilities, thanks to their scalability and the ability to integrate with current network equipment. However, to effectively incorporate RTLS functionalities, the existing Wi-Fi network must possess the necessary capacity to support the additional load from the RTLS systems.

RTLS in Healthcare

To learn more and compare Real-time Location Systems in Healthcare settings read our article about various real-time location system options.

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